Who am I ?

I am from Nice, South of France.

My name is Elodie Cabrera.
Globetrotter, I grew up in Nice on the French Riviera, among the sea and the mountains.

Some Curious eyes

... imaginative and opened up ones, flitting from one image to another, attracting elements of landscapes, seeing intensely, passionately and watching the world with emotion, compassion, admiration and sometimes with displeasure. Those eyes ? They are mines.

I am a passionate person.

If I never knew exactly what I wanted to do as a grown up, I was sure that I wanted to be happy, interested in life by many things…

… I have a Master in Cultural Mediation and Engineering, and I wrote a thesis dealing with the artistic and communicative practices of Mail Art. I first work in museums where it was nice to organise arts events, but also giving conferences and doing some educational arts workshops.

One thing leading to another, I worked then as an assistant of communication before becoming an editorial assistant.

I like simple things in life.

Laughting, enjoying, appreciating life, watching flowers growing up… Even if some days are harder than others, I am very grateful for having what I have and for being alive.

I love travelling

... whether it is in my head, on the web, in the books or « for real ». Our planet is so beautiful with so much to see ! I could travel every day for the rest of my life without having the time to explore all the amazing places all around the world : while I can't wait for seeing many things I am dreaming about, some of the trips I've ever made literally transformed me.

Elodie Cabrera
Live, Love, Smile and Travel