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Passionate by the art of taking pictures, globetrotter for few years, independent traveler, Pix from the Roads is a personnal blog dealing with travels

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So I relate here stories, anecdotes, photos and tips from my travels. is assigned with the mission of making you going on adventure, of helping you planning your next trip, of allowing you to escape from real life for one moment, of sharing with you my good travels' tips and helping you discovering our wonderful planet.

Creation of the blog

The idea of creating this blog had began in 2012. Then I had to classify my photos, write my texts and definie my editorial policy… My blog exists in its last version since half 2015. This site and its contents (page settings, article writings, visuals, SEO, social networks…) are under my responsibility.

Sometimes people ask me why I have called my blog Pix from the Roads.

  • I wanted an international name combining travels and photographies
  • the word « pix » (abbreviation of pixel and contraction of picture meaning image) has naturally came to me in a kind of pun referring to the photography
  • the extension « from the roads » illustrates all the travels

English version of the blog

At the beginning of the summer 2015, I decided to translate my blog in english. As I never lived in an english speaking country and as I never stay more than 3 weeks in a country where english is the native language, please excuse me in advance for my possible english "faux pas".

Copyright texts and/or pictures

I am the author of the texts and the pictures published on this site (unless opposite mention) : in this way, all of these information can not be used without my permission. .

If you want to use some text or some illustrations from this blog, please notify me by email beforehand and then affix the mention © Elodie Cabrera only after my written permission.